Kids Ministry

Kids Ministry

Here is the Registration Form the Wednesday night kid’s ministry.

We at Hessmer Baptist Church think kids are extremely important and need to be invested in! So, we have two different ministries that are completely focused on kids.

Wednesday Nights

On Wednesday nights during the school year, we invite all children, grades 1st-6th, to come to church for an exciting, fun-filled evening! Each Wednesday night the kids are taught about God, learn elements of drama and dance, and are given an opportunity to minster! We kick everything off by serving the kids a snack. After they eat their snack, the kids are taught a Bible story. Following the Bible story, the kids begin practicing for the Christmas program. Parents are invited to attend the Christmas program on December 17th and watch their children perform! Whatever your child is interested in, there is a place for him/her in this program!

The festivities begin on Wednesdays at 6:00 PM. Feel free to drop-off any kids in grades 1st-6th! We’ll be done around 7:30 PM. If you can’t bring or pick-up your kids, no worries! The church van can bring them to church, and then safely return them to your home when we’re done.

If you’d like your child to participate, please fill out the registration form at the top of the page. Email for more information.

We sincerely hope that you will allow your child to attend! We want your kids to be able to come to know Jesus, and to make Him known!

Children’s Church

It can be hard for kids to sit through an entire sermon, and we completely understand that! So, to keep you from having to fight with your kids the entire time, we offer Children’s Church every Sunday morning. That way, the parents are able to listen to the sermon and know that their kids are in good hands!

When the pastor gets up to preach, kids are invited to follow the leaders standing at the front of the church to Children’s Church in the other building. During Children’s Church, kids eat a small snack, plays fun games, learn an awesome Bible story, and may get to play outside if the weather is good! They’ll have so much fun, they probably won’t want to go home!