Nicholas Maricle

Nicholas Maricle

Nicholas Maricle became the pastor of Hessmer Baptist Church in July of 2015. Nick was called to preach at the age of fourteen. Soon after, he began preaching at various central Louisiana churches. During high school, Nick taught Bible studies in his school, went on several mission trips, and served at various camps during the summer. After graduating high school, Nick accepted his first church-staff position as a youth pastor where he served for over two years.

Nick’s passion as a pastor is that all people would know Jesus and make Him known. He believes that as people get to know Jesus better, they’ll live holier lives. However, the process of learning about Jesus is more than just listening during sermons and learning theology, Nick believes that people must be committed to serving Jesus in every area of their lives. The knowledge of God that Nick wants to see people have is a knowledge that transforms lives. As a result of knowing Jesus in this personal way, Nick believes that people will find themselves pointing people to Jesus in both word and action. Ultimately, Nick believes the ultimate goal of every Christian should be to glorify God in every way possible.

Nick is a working on his Master of Divinity at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. You can find his personal website and blog by clicking here: Thinking Theologically.

Nick has been married to Karley since May of 2014, and she still puts up with him for some reason!

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