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The Miracles of the Bible

How Does God Work Today? Miracles and Providence This is only a portion of this post, the entire post can be found by clicking here. As Christmas approaches, I find myself preaching on the miraculous events surrounding Christ’s birth in the gospels of Matthew and of Luke. Though our culture is loath to admit it, there’s no good reason to think that miracles cannot happen,…

The Word Became Flesh

The Word Became Flesh With Christmas drawing near, I’m going to begin preaching on Christmas this Sunday, December 10, 2017. The problem with preaching about Christmas is that the Incarnation and all of Christology are recondite subjects. Every time I study Christology, I walk away with a healthy appreciation for my own limits and shortcomings. To heighten my sense of…

Worthwhile Reads

Worthwhile Reads I am a proud bibliophile. One of my goals is to read some form of printed media every day of the year. The reason is that good books have the ability to change lives. If you will read good books, they will make you into a better, more informed person. Unfortunately, bad books abound; some books simply aren’t worth the time or the money they require. If…
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