Statement of Beliefs

Statement of Beliefs

What We Believe

We believe God freely created the universe, sustains all of creation, and is actively involved in the lives of believers. We believe in one God who exists in three divine Persons.

We believe the Bible is the inspired, infallible, and inerrant word of God to humankind. To disobey the sixty-six canonical books of the Bible is to disobey God. The Bible is relevant and should be applied to everyday life.

We believe humans were created to be perfect like God; however, sin entered the human race through Adam and Eve. Each person is born with a sin nature and sins as soon as they are old enough to know right from wrong. Thus, every person is equally guilty before God.

We believe that salvation is a work of God made possible through the sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross. Jesus lived on earth, died for our sins, and physically rose from the dead after three days. Though a person is saved for all eternity at the moment of trusting God, all true believers persevere in the faith until the end of their life.

The Church:
We believe in one real Church composed of all true believers everywhere; however, there are many local churches. Local churches are composed of groups of believers attempting to serve God together.

Last Things:
We believe that one day Jesus will physically return to earth. At His return, those who accepted the Gospel while alive will receive their glorified resurrection bodies and enter into a literal heaven. Those who rejected the Gospel will continue in their rejection of God and be cast into hell, a place of eternal separation from God.